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For those of you who just love to have extra mooncakes at home
and don't care much for packaging 
or want the gift box + more mooncakes

A Set of Eight includes:
(2) Black Sesame
(2) Red Bean
(2) Jujube
(2) Red Lotus

A Set of Sixteen includes:
(4) Black Sesame
(4) Red Bean
(4) Jujube
(4) Red Lotus

Each mooncake is individually packaged in a clear plastic wrapper. Mooncake sets are packaged together in a box. 

ALLERGENS: gluten, peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs.

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, milk powder, eggs, salt, white bean, red bean, red date, black sesame, soybean oil, lotus seed, peanut oil, maltitol, corn starch, potato starch 

Shipping is a flat rate $5 to all states except Hawaii and Alaska, no matter how many boxes you get. Stock up and gift it to all your friends!

All mooncakes are taking about a week to make! AT THIS POINT, THERE’S NO GUARANTEE YOUR MOONCAKES WILL ARRIVE BY 9/10, THE MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL. However, we will still be continuing to ship even after the festival!