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Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Mooncake Gift Set

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022: Mooncake Gift Set

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Our mooncakes are back for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year! Boxes are limited edition and say 中秋快乐, which means "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" Each box contains four mooncakes.

These are the flavors we have this year:
Black Sesame (Green)
Red Bean (Lavender)
Red Lotus (Yellow)
Jujube (Pink)

This year's mooncakes have gone through much more R&D than years before. We're happy to say that they're the best tasting ones yet. 

Mooncakes are best consumed within one week of receiving but will last up to a month. Please store in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration works best!


gluten, peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, milk powder, eggs, salt, white bean, red bean, red date, black sesame, soybean oil, lotus seed, peanut oil, maltitol, corn starch, potato starch 

Shipping is a flat rate $5 to all states except Hawaii and Alaska, no matter how many boxes you get. Stock up and gift it to all your friends!

All mooncakes are taking about a week to make!  We will be shipping throughout the month of September.

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