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Black Sesame Mooncake

Black Sesame Mooncake

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Our Black Sesame Mooncake is handmade, filled with a black sesame paste and wrapped in our signature milky shortbread crust. Each mooncake is around 55g in size and is wrapped individually in plastic. Each order include one (1) mooncake.

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, milk powder, eggs, salt, red bean, soybean oil, black sesame, maltitol, corn starch, potato starch 

ALLERGENS: gluten, peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs

All mooncakes will be shipped beginning 8/28. Please read our FAQ for more. 

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the short-n-sweet faq's

what is a mooncake?

traditionally, mooncakes are made with a sweet filling that is wrapped in dough. ours is slightly more modern, in that the crust is made from a shortbread cookie.

how much is shipping?

shipping is a flat rate $5 across the continental US, excluding hawaii and alaska. all orders over $200 are free when shipped via standard shipping. 

how should I store my mooncakes once I receive them?

all mooncakes should be refrigerated as soon as they arrive. they will last around one month in the fridge. please let them come to room temperature before serving!