what are the mooncakes made out of?

traditionally, mooncakes are made with a sweet filling that is wrapped in dough. ours is slightly more modern, in that the crust is made from a shortbread cookie. all mooncakes are handmade, which makes every single one of them unique. each mooncake is ~55g in size. 

what are the moon cookies made out of?

our moon cookies are made with only the shortbread cookie of our mooncakes. people loved the shortbread cookie so much, they requested that we make it it's own cookie. 

are there any allergens in the mooncakes?

yes, all of our mooncakes contain gluten, peanuts, milk, soy, and eggs.

what is the difference between all the boxes?

our mid-autumn festival mooncake gift box contains (4) four mooncakes, one of each flavor. many people collect these boxes! these are perfect to gift your friends or family.

our mid-autumn festival legacy mooncake gift box contains (4) four mooncakes, one of each flavor. these are boxes we designed last year that we've decided to bring back due to it's popularity. 

our single mooncakes are as stated, single mooncake pieces. they are wrapped in plastic, but they are not individually boxed. if you choose to order these, these mooncakes will be placed directly into the shipping box. these are great if you want to order in bulk or if you want to add a few extra flavors to your existing order.


how much is shipping?

shipping is a flat rate $5 across the continental US, excluding hawaii and alaska. all orders over $200 are free when shipped via standard shipping. 

when will my order ship out?

your order will ship out about a week after it has been placed.  

how long does "standard shipping" take?

all packages will be shipped via UPS three day delivery or USPS, unless you select the second day, or next day air option. 

what days do you ship?

we only ship mondays through thursday to ensure all packages arrive in a timely manner.


I live in the los angeles area. can I pick up my mooncakes?

yes, of course! if you would like to pick these up in person, please visit www.eatdomi.com and checkout there. 


how should I store my mooncakes once I receive them?

all mooncakes should be refrigerated as soon as they arrive. they will last around one month. please let them come to room temperature before serving!

how should I eat my mooncakes?

mooncakes are pretty decadent, so we would recommend eating them with either a cup of tea or coffee.